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Director’s Message

Welcome to the Kohinoor Grammar School System!

At the Kohinoor Grammar School System, we strive to provide a rigorous and well-rounded education with a view to produce thoughtful and inquisitive learners who will go on to have a transformative impact on the world they live in. “Learn to Lead” is not just our school motto, it is the very embodiment of our curriculum, culture and goals. Please join us as we embark upon this exciting journey.

– Rafeh Saigol

Founder’s Message

Kohinoor Grammar School began as a single institution in 1984 with the goal of empowering young men and women through education. For over three decades we have remained committed to our task as educators, one which we believe, extends far beyond the classroom. The astonishing rate of change in our community and Pakistan, continually challenges us to push the boundaries of what constitutes a meaningful education. You will discover a profound culture of learning among students, parents, and teachers across our campuses.

– Shahida Saigol

Principal’s Message

Dear Students / Parents

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Kohinoor Grammar School. Established in 1984, the school has become one of the premier institutions in Faisalabad. Renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, KGS provides quality education to all its students inspiring them to reach their potential in a safe, positive, and exciting learning environment. The outstanding reputation of the school is built on a value driven approach in which we build self-confidence, discipline and a sense of responsibility amongst our students.

Our motto, “Learn to Lead” inspires students to strive ahead and perform eminently in all fields of life. Our curriculum, teaching resources and campuses are continually upgraded to incorporate the best teaching practices from around the globe. We work in partnership with parents and the larger community to create an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected.

– Bushra Rasheed

Our Mission

“At Kohinoor Grammar School we value each child as a unique individual. We strive to create a learning environment that is safe, secure and nurturing allowing young learners to achieve their full potential.

KGS Online Classes

KGS Thanks all its students and teachers for staying connected and engaged online during this lockdown.

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  • Google Classsroom.
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